Down To The Wire – Pdawg on Who Will Win Survivor 20: Heroes Vs. Villains


This Sunday night Survivor will crown the winner of their 20th cycle, Heroes vs. Villains. In what has been a very entertaining season of TV’s best reality show, the Heroes were a pretty big mess most of the time, while the Villains proved to be, well, villainous!

Episode 13 was the Survivor ‘loved-ones’ episode where the remaining competitors get a visit from a loved-one. For the challenge, the players toss ocean water to their loved ones who will attempt to catch the water in another water pail and fill a bucket – first pair to fill their bucket wins Reward. 

Jerri and Russell are neck-and-neck but in the end, Jerri and her sister win reward. Jerri is asked to select one other Survivor to join her and she selects Parvati and her dad – Russell is stunned. Jerri asks Jeff if she can bring one more and he obliges. With her second pick Jerri selects… Sandra and her uncle Fernando? Russell is clearly miffed and tells his wife, “She’s in trouble now.”

While Jerri, Parvati, Sandra and their loved-ones enjoy cookies, donuts and a really spectacular blowhole, Russell was back at camp playing the game with Rupert and Colby. Russell tells the Heroes that Jerri has made a major strategic mistake and that he is now aligning himself with them all the way to the final three. While Rupert isn’t exactly sure he can trust Russell, he knows, Russell is his only hope for making it in front of the jury.

When the reward winners return to camp, Russell and Jerri reaffirm their commitment to working together to get to the final three. At this point I’m really unclear on who Russell is actually aligned with – Jerri/Parvati or Colby/Rupert. He seems to be playing both ends at this point and hoping for the best.

At the immunity challenge the combatants take part in a tough physical and mental challenge where they must balance a long pole in each hand in order to keep a board high overhead – a slight move by either hand, and the board falls. Colby is the first to falter proving that he is completely inept in challenges. Russell and Jerri are next leaving Parvati and Rupert in a showdown of wills. In the end, the big pirate can’t keep his arms straight and Parvati wins immunity.

With Parvati safe, Russell realizes that he must stick with the Villains and vote out Rupert – who he has just promised to take to the end. Realizing once again that she’s the swing vote, Sandra rocks the boat by telling Rupert that the girl Villains are planning to get rid of Russell. Rupert passes the plan on to Russell and he confronts Sandra in front of the group asking, “Are you with me, or against me,” to which Sandra replies, “I’m against you, Russell.” Sandra turns her attention to Rupert, promising, “Loose lips sink ships.”

With Russell angry at Sandra and questioning Parvati’s loyalty, he turns back to Rupert and his loyal ally, Jerri, to concoct a plan to eliminate Sandra. Rupert and Colby appear to be on board, however, Parvati and Jerri promise to keep Sandra safe from Russell.

At tribal council Russell and Sandra go through the entire day of strategy with Jeff, including Rupert’s attempts to drive a stake between the Villains. Russell appears to be questioning Sandra’s loyalty so before the votes are read-out, Sandra produces the immunity idol – the last one to be played in Survivor 20 – so she is safe. That means the friendly, tie-dyed pirate, Rupert is going home.

As Jeff extinguished Rupert’s torch, the big man shot a long, deep look at Russell which was very telling. While Russell really didn’t screw Rupert this time (Sandra really had more to do with that), Rupert couldn’t help but believe that evil Russell had lied once again.

As we head towards Sunday’s finale, I believe, just like in Survivor 19, Russell has played himself right out of the million dollars. If you take a look at the jury, there are very few votes there for Russell regardless of who he takes to the end. His only hope is to maybe hold on to Colby and Jerri – two players that haven’t done much but ride coattails so far. If Russell goes to the end with either Parvati or Sandra he will lose for sure. Here’s how I handicap the final five.

1) Parvati – she was dangerous all along, however, she let Russell do all the dirty work. Other than Amanda, her hands are clean.

2) Sandra – without a true alliance, Sandra has stayed in the game and been the swing-vote more often than not. She also found an idol which will gain her some respect from the jury.

3) Jerri – Jerri has flown under the radar for most of the game. In recent weeks she has done well at challenges and kept her mouth shut around camp. Can Jerri beat Russell or Parvati?

4) Russell –Most of the people are sitting on the jury are there because of him. The only way he wins is if he takes Jerri and Colby to the end.

5) Colby – no chance Superman wins…unless James gets a vote.

I predict the final three will be Parvati, Russell and Jerri. If this is the case, here’s how the jury votes will break down:

Coach, Courtney & Danille will vote for Jerri.

Amanda & Candice will vote for Russell.

JT, Danielle, Rupert, Colby and Sandra will likely vote for Parvati who will be crowned the ultimate Survivor of Heroes vs. Villains!

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  1. Parvati is my pick.

    She's brought it all to this game, the friendly relationships mixed with a dash of coniving manipulation and immunity idol challenge winning.

    I'd argue that she's already one of the best “survivors” in the history of the show (along with Boston Rob, Amanda, Hatch, Russell, Ozzy and Rupert) and if she wins Sunday night, I think it cenments her as the one, true “survivor” of all time! (So far.)

    Besides, I've got her in the office pool.

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