CDs, DVDs, Comics, and Cribs – Andy Burns Starts Making Room For Another, Part 1

So the Queen and I have a little bundle of joy on the way. This is, of course, exciting stuff for so many reasons. We’ve got this cute little picture of the sonogram on our refrigerator and I swear I just think of H.R. Giger when I look at it. I wonder daily about what sort of music I’ll play for the child – something from the Beach Boys or the Beatles will likely come first, after The Queen stops spinning the classical music. What comic book will I dramatically read from first? No doubt it will be something from the Spider-Man canon. Yes, I plan on keeping the dream of geekdom alive with the little one, and will aim to teach the greatest lesson of all – with great power, comes great responsibility.

Course, before all that, with the arrival getting closer everyday, we’ve been putting forth a lot of effort in getting our home ready for its new occupant. A big part of the preparation, as all would-be parents know, is making a room for the baby. Thanks to BBP contributors JP and Denny, we’ve got Mini Muggs versions of Phoenix and Cyclops that we’ll have on display, but before we can build the nursery, with crib and change table and everything else a newborn requires, we’ve had to clear out some space. For some people, packing and pruning all the “stuff” that they’ve amassed over their lifetime so far can be pretty simple. For clothes, you might just say “I haven’t worn this in a year, I’m getting rid of it”. Or a book – the same thing. “I read this once, I’m never going to read it again. Pitch it.” But as a geek who has been collecting things for over 20 years, getting rid of things is not really in my nature. In fact, sometimes it can be crazy difficult. But with new life on the way, I’ve been determined to change my ways and habits. Baby steps, mind you. But still – I’m trying.


So I stopped buying single issues year’s ago, but I do have the insatiable love for the hardcover compilation. Back in the summer, I made a bit of a resolution. I would allow myself to buy hardcovers compiling current storylines (i.e. New and Mighty Avengers, Dark Avengers, etc) but I would not be allowed to buy any archive material or any hardcover reissues that I may have originally purchased in single issue format. For the most part I’ve done alright in adhering to this mandate, with the only breakings being the X-Men Asgardian Wars hardcover which I read countless times in single issue formats and the recent Jack Kirby/Stan Lee Tales From Asgard hardcover. But even with my recent purchasing cutbacks, space can be an issue. So in prepping our room I made a decision that no doubt will annoy and aggravate some regular Biff Bam Pop readers, along with a few writers as well.

Apart from a few choice releases (the complete Preacher set of trade paperbacks, my Absolute editions, and scant few others) all of my DC hardcovers have been binned and stored. It took some thought, but at the end of the day I just had to admit that I rarely go back to any of my DC books. I just have little affinity for the characters or what passes for a classic storyline. The stuff from DC that I dig I have readily available, but otherwise this Marvel Zombie has cleaned comic house and made room for the continually growing collection of Mighty Marvel madness. For some, it’s sacrilege. For me, it’s a space-saver.

Check back on Wednesday when I bin up the DVD’s and face the hardest task of all.

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