Ian Rogers, The "Lost" Boy — One Stubborn Tomato

Of all the dangers on the island — polar bears, wild boar, the Others, the Smoke Monster — Sun knocks herself out running into a tree. And loses all of her English, to boot. The Losties just can’t get a break.

I have to admit, I find the Sun and Jin episodes tend to be dull. They are my least favourite episodes second only to Kate’s. Things started interesting enough, with Jin revealed to be the enforcer for Sun’s father, but later episodes focused on things like Sun’s infertility and infidelity, and Jin’s work as a door greeter at a hotel. Not exactly stirring stuff. But “The Package” reminded us why we care about these characters. The question now is, when will Sun and Jin find each other?


Instead of a Sun/Jin reunion, we got a glimpse into what their lives would be like if Oceanic 815 didn’t crash. Of course, In the sideways timeline their lives are even more different. Sun and Jin aren’t married, but they have a relationship together, albeit a secret one. The purpose of their trip to L.A. is the same as it was in the main timeline, so Jin could deliver a watch, but it turns out to be part of a payment on a hit to be carried out on Jin himself. Turns out his secret relationship with Sun wasn’t so secret after all. And the man tasked with carrying out the deed? None other than Martin Keamy, who in the sideways world is a very busy crime boss.


In the main timeline, Jin is kidnapped by Widmore’s crew (featuring a nice cameo by Room 23) because, as a member of the Dharma Initiative, he mapped out several areas of the island. He was doing this while searching for the other Losties, but in his travels it seems he also charted the location of several pockets of electromagnetic energy.

Widmore is interested in that energy. Why? Not sure, but it may have something to do with “the package.” Did anyone guess it would turn out to be Desmond? I didn’t. I thought it was going to be a bomb, or maybe some sort of sonic weapon Widmore and his crew would use to destroy the Smoke Monster.

Speaking of Widmore, I liked the scene where he showed Jin the pictures of Ji Yeon, although I’m suspicious of his motives for doing so. Widmore isn’t a nice guy, so I’m sure he had a reason, and I doubt it’s a good one. We know Widmore needs Jin to point out the pockets of electromagnetism on the island. I’m guessing the key to utilizing that energy lies with Desmond, who got a dose of the stuff after turning the Swan’s failsafe key at the end of Season 2. Daniel Faraday said it was this event that made Desmond special. It might also account for why he was on Oceanic 815 in the sideways timeline. If Desmond’s conscious can flash through time, maybe he’s the only one who can vanquish Smokey and merge the two timelines together.


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  1. Hey, I don't mean to be “that guy” but I called it. I said: “Mom, Desmond's the package. Just you wait and see.” Go on. Ask her.

    And there I go, being “that guy.”

    Still…called it!

  2. I think my wife may have called it, too. Or else it was just wishful thinking on her part. As in “Maybe Desmond will be the package… I miss him.” “Maybe Desmond will turn out to be the Smoke Monster. I miss him.” “Maybe Desmond sunk the island. I miss him.” Grrr….

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