Ian Rogers, The "Lost" Boy — Cops and Cons


In “Recon,” we learn that the path you take in life can be based on a single event, sometimes just a single decision. In one life James Ford (aka Sawyer) is a con man, in another he’s a cop.

Even though we already saw Sawyer as head of Dharma security last season, I have to admit my jaw still dropped when I saw him as a cop in his flash-sideways life. It really makes me wonder why he let Kate go in the elevator even though he saw her in handcuffs. Was he just trying to cover for his own lie, that he wasn’t really on vacation in Palm Springs, or did he detect something between them?

It’s becoming apparent that many of the changes in the sideways timeline have nothing to do with the Jughead bomb going off in 1977. Some of the changes in the Losties’ lives seem to predate this event. Is this maybe a timeline in which Jacob did not visit any of the Candidates? Where is Jacob in the flash-sideways timeline? Is he still on the island, holding his breath deep underwater?

I liked that Sawyer’s partner was Miles (I kept waiting for Sawyer to call him Enos, like he did when they worked together in the Dharma Initiative), giving a hint to their friendship which developed in the original timeline during the three years they spent in the ’70s. This was also seen in the look of concern on Sawyer’s face when he questioned Kate as to whether or not Miles made it out of the Temple alive. A small touch, but a nice one.


It’s noteworthy that it was Miles who set Sawyer up with Charlotte. He told Sawyer that she worked with his father at the museum. Of course, Miles’ father is Dr. Pierre Chang, star of all those Dharma orientation films. So now we know that he’s alive and well in the sideways world, presumably because he left the island sometime before it sank. I’m guessing it’s no coincidence that he works with Charlotte, whose parents were also members of the Dharma Initiative. I’m willing to bet her interest in Sawyer was more than just a blind date. I think our favourite con man is about to be conned.

Despite all of the Sawyer-ly goodness in this episode, my favourite moment had to be when Fake Locke admitted that he is “that smoke thing.” Followed by his explanation for why he killed the Others at the Temple: “So it’s either killed or be killed… and I don’t want to be killed.” I have a feeling that Smokey’s story about his crazy mom was a preview of things to come. A Smoke Monster flashback episode, perhaps?

Also, is anyone else wondering what the Smoke Monster is planning to do once he gets off the island? If you were a pillar of black smoke that occasionally killed people, what would you do? Open a coffee shop? Settle down and raise a family? Run for office? Either way I think we’ve got the potential for a spin-off here. Something along the lines of “Oh, That Smoke Monster!” Couldn’t you just imagine the hilarity?

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