Villains Jockey for Position While The Heroes Try To Get Back On Track – Pdawg Recaps Episode III of Survivor 20: Heroes Vs. Villains

Last week’s episode of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains was the classic early season snooze fest with not much going on and really not much interesting to talk about. Knowing that they had a bit of a dud on their hands, the producers did everything they could to make us believe one of the ‘big names’ was on the chopping block. With all signs pointing to Parvati as the next one to have their torch snuffed by Mr. Probst, let’s review what went down in Episode III.

At the Heroes camp Tom realizes that he is isolated and likely one of the next to go following JT’s move to side with James et al at the last tribal council which saw Tom’s only ally, Stephanie, sent home. Tom attempts to make amends with James and reassures JT that despite the way the vote went, he’s still on board for an alliance. He also discusses strategy with Colby, who also needs a plan to stay in the game. Perhaps these two can work with Candice and Rupert to put up a fight against JT, Amanda, Cirie and James. Time will tell.

On the Villains side, where things are always just a little more interesting, Parvati begins to play her game of flirting and cuddling to the top by cozying up to Russell. I was shocked to see Russell play along with Parvati but perhaps it’s just part of his game right now. All the cuddling going on is not lost on Boston Rob – the guy who invented the relationship alliance with his future wife Amber. Rob is increasingly weary of the Coach/Jerri and Russell/Parvati canoodling that is going on at camp and vows to break up the couples before they get too strong.

Later, Coach approaches Russell and warns him about his relationship with Parvati. Rob joins the conversation and lets Russell know that he questions his game and alliance with Parvati. Russell assures the guys that Parvati is merely an asset that he will use to help the tribe later. He then tells us in sidebar interview that Rob doesn’t know who he is playing against and that “He’s the daddy around here!” Russell then gives Parvati the lowdown on Coach and Boston Rob’s feelings towards her.


Night seven on the Villains side was a classic. Coach is seen telling bedtime stories about one of his many adventures (he’s like Indiana Jones without the cool hat and whip). Without Coach noticing, his tribe openly mock him which only seems to encourage him to keep yapping. In the meantime, Russell goes into action like he did in season 19…call it the Russell conflict strategy. Without anyone noticing, Russell takes the tribe’s valuable machete and buries it in the woods. He says that the machete is just the start. Next might be Rob’s beloved Red Sox hat! “That will drive him crazy,” Russell laments.

The next day Randy brings a giant clam back to camp but can’t open it as there is no machete. He spends a great amount of time and energy smashing, bashing and hitting the thing against anything he can find before it finally cracks open.

There’s more boring conversations at the Hero camp but nothing worth recapping…so lets go to the immunity/reward challenge where the tribes go toe-to-toe in a knock-down, drag-em-out sumo-style mud wrestling match using a large, heavy bag to attempt to knock their opponent off of a platform and in to the mud.

This looked like the perfect type of challenge for the villains to pull out some dirty tricks and win the challenge but that wasn’t the case. The Heroes in fact completely destroyed the Villains winning all eight matches. Of note was JT tossing Tyson in the mud and Tyson attempting to kiss JT. Coach thought he had Rupert beaten and even went into his Coach dragon-slayer celebration but Jeff pointed out that Coach didn’t use the bag and to push Rupert down so the match would continue (just like those old WWE/F matches) and Rupert disposed of Coach. In the final (and meaningless) match James went up against Randy. There’s some trash-talking before the showdown and James annihilates Randy with one shot and then throws Randy in the mud followed by Randy’s bag which hits him in the head. Randy says something about James lacking any class and James barks back with a curse-filled response. Then all 65-pounds of Courtney tells James she thinks he’s on the wrong tribe. The Heroes win immunity and ingredients for coffee and a week’s supply of rice.

For the next little while Parvati is depicted as the desperate player likely to go home. She tries to convince Coach and the others that she should stay, but it appears that Coach, Jerri, Randy, Sandra, Tyson and Rob are all voting Parvati.

At tribal council, the first for the Villains, Sandra goes on the offensive pointing out that Parvati has too many friends on the Heroes side and then slamming Coach for his inactivity around camp. Coach takes offence and then all hell breaks loose as the tribe complains about their shelter, lack of direction and cohesiveness and their now missing machete – Russell smiles…it’s working. Then, without any warning, Randy gets nine out of ten votes and is sent packing…huh?

My guess is that it was really obvious who was going home so the producers edited the show to make us think Parvati but it was Randy all along. If that’s the case, look for Danielle to be next to go for the Villains (she has no friends) and Candice for the Heroes (stat) unless Cirie protects her.

This week the hidden immunity idols are put in play – let the games begin as Russell is bound to be on the hunt!

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