Scotty G’s Box Office Wrap-Up Report


From my predictions on Friday – I will be interested to see how I do, because I really can’t believe that I’m predicting four films to gross over $10 million in the month of October.

Guess what?  FIVE films opened with more than $10 million this week.  The box office was on fire as the top 10 films grossed a staggering $126.8 million, and the top five grossed $104.1 million alone.  That’s summertime numbers.  My predictions were only all right this weekend, as I correctly picked four of the top five films, and I guessed two films to open in the correct spot.  There were some surprises this weekend!

Opening in 1st place with $32.4 million is Spike Jonze’s Where The Wild Things Are (I predicted it would be #1 and gross $42 million).  The film had a very strong per theatre average of $8,693 and had the 8th highest October opening weekend ever.  Those are some very big positives for a film that had a rough production history.  However, there are some negatives.  Usually kid films have much higher grosses on Saturday’s then they do on Friday’s (because kids are out of school so they can go to more showing of the film).  Where The Wild Things Are only went up 2% on Saturday.  The film has received positive reviews, but the majority of the reviews have said that the film is not for kids.  This mixed message makes it hard to predict how the film will do in the coming weeks.  For now, it is the #1 film in North America.

Opening in 2nd place is the action thriller Law Abiding Citizen with $21.2 million (I predicted it to be the #3 film with $18 million).  The film had an excellent per theatre average of $7,353 and did much better than most analysts expected, as it had to overcome terrible reviews.  Stars Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx must be happy as their previous films (Butler’s Gamer and Foxx’s The Soloist) were considered flops, so it’s nice to be back in the saddle again.  As the film is geared towards adults, we will see if the word-of-mouth on the film is good or bad by next weekend’s box office.

In 3rd place is the horror hit Paranormal Activity with $20.6 million (I predicted it would be the #2 film with $25 million).  The film expanded to 760 theatres this weekend, and saw its box office rise 155.2% from last weekend (that is not a typo – 155.2%!!!).  It had a per theatre average of $26,530, highest of any film this weekend.  The total gross for the film stands at $33.7 million.  Next weekend Paranormal Activity takes on Saw VI, and although I know that Paranormal Activity will not defeat it at the box office, how much will it cut into the take of Saw VI?  We’ll have to wait and see.

In 4th place is Couples Retreat with $17.9 million (I predicted it would be the #4 film with $13 million).  The film was only off 47.7% and had a per theatre average of  $5,965, which is not that bad considering the terrible reviews and word-of-mouth the film has received.  Any film that can stay above $5,000 on its second weekend deserves a round of applause.  Some people think the film still has an outside shot of grossing over $100 million, but only time will tell.  In two weeks, the film has grossed $63.3 million.

Rounding out the top five is The Stepfather with $12.3 million (I predicted that the film would gross $6 million and come nowhere near making the top five).  The remake of the horror film got the worst reviews of any new release, but people were in the mood to be scared, and turned out to see the film.  The Stepfather had a per theatre average of $4,499, so do not expect it to be in theatres long, especially with Saw VI coming out next weekend.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs finished in 6th place with $8.1 million, off only 29.7%, and Zombieland finished in 7th place with $7.8 million.

In limited release, New York, I Love You and Black Dynamite had disappointing openings with New York, I Love You grossing $372,000 from 119 theatres for a per theatre average of $3,126 and Black Dynamite grossed $141,000 from 70 theatres for a per theatre average of $2,014.  Both films should be on DVD soon.

Once again, here were my predictions:

1) Where The Wild Things Are – $42 million

2) Paranormal Activity – $25 million

3) Law Abiding Citizen – $18 million

4) Couples Retreat – $13 million

5) Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs – $7.4 million

And here are the actual numbers:

1) Where The Wild Things Are – $32.4 million

2) Law Abiding Citizen – $21.2 million

3) Paranormal Activity – $20.6 million

4) Couples Retreat – $17.9 million

5) The Stepfather – $12.3 million

Scotty G’s Box Office Predictions were off by $22.8 million.

Next weekend brings us Saw VI, Cirque Du Freak:  The Vampire’s Assistant, Astro Boy, Ong Bak 2, Antichrist, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, Motherhood and Amelia.

Until Next Week!

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