Scotty G’s Box Office Wrap Up – Hannah Montana Lands at #1

The tweens and their parents were out in force this weekend, as Hannah Montana: The Movie opened at #1 with $34 million. It’s per theatre average was almost $11,000. Helping this movie out was the fact that it was a long weekend, and kids were off school on Friday to go see it. I don’t know what the long term prospects are for Hannah Montana, as tween films have a large up front demand, and then fade away, but Disney is happy with this, just because of all the brand extension items they have from the film.

Fast and Furious dropped to #2 with $28.8 million dollars. It only fell 59.4% from last weekend, which is not bad, considering how big the up front demand was for the film, some people were expecting a drop-off of 65%. It should become the highest grossing film in the franchise [not adjusting for inflation], and Universal should be thrilled at how quickly Fast and Furious broke the $100 million barrier.

In 3rd place was Monsters Vs. Aliens, dropping only 30.6% from last weekend for a total of $22.6 million. It did not suffer as big a drop as expected with the competition from Hannah Montana, and its total gross stands at $141 million. It shows that this film is playing broad, but it still has a ways to go if it wants to make up its budget from the domestic box office alone [Its reported budget is $175 million]

Observe and Report landed in 4th place with $11.1 million. It’s not surprising that the film only made this much as Rogen’s previous lead role in Zack and Miri Make A Porno opened with a gross, just over $10 million, so it appealed to the Rogen fan base. It is a darker movie, and surprisingly is a studio picture, which makes it a tough sell to begin with. It didn’t help that people were selling it as an “R-Rated Paul Blart: Mall Cop”. Although not a success, I’m sure the people involved are happy with the film they have made, and I think Observe and Report will develop a cult following.

Knowing and I Love You, Man are battling for 5th and 6th place. They are only separated by $260,000. Knowing grossed $6.67 million while I Love You, Man made $6.41 million. Their rankings could change when the official numbers come out.

Dragonball Evolution was dead on arrival landing in 8th place with $4.65 million. Expect it out soon on DVD.

Overall it was a pretty good weekend for me. I correctly picked the Top 4 films in order, and my biggest mistake in my prediction was only off by $4.6 million. I could have all 5 films correct if Knowing and I Love You, Man switch places.

Here are my predictions vs. the actual numbers:


1) Hannah Montana: The Movie – $38 million
2) Fast and Furious – $28 million
3) Monsters vs. Aliens – $18 million
4) Observe and Report – $10.5 million
5) I Love You, Man – $5 million

Actual Numbers:

1) Hannah Montana: The Movie – $34 million
2) Fast and Furious – $28.8 million
3) Monsters vs. Aliens – $22.6 million
4) Observe and Report – $11.1 million
5) Knowing – $6.6 million

Next week brings us State of Play, Crank: High Voltage, and 17 Again.

Until next week!

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