Pdawg’s thoughts on Survivor: Tocantins Episode III

Survivor: Tocantins continues to plod along as Episode III didn’t deliver much drama or intrigue. Still, as alliances begin to take shape, I think we’re getting closer to seeing some real fireworks between the castaways. Right now, there are simply too many players in the game and in an hour long show the viewer just can’t get close enough to any individual player. This isn’t uncommon and my experience is that usually around Episode V or VI it starts to get interesting so stay tuned.

This week was really about the inner workings of the Timbira tribe as they seemed to get the majority of the screen time. Here’s what we learned…

My pre-season pick, Erinn, is not very well liked by her tribe-mates. Apparently she linked herself too closely to Candace (we know what happened to her) and she is on the chopping block should the group go back to Tribal Council any time soon. This makes me instantly comfortable as the person they highlight early in an episode as a possible outcast never goes home.

We also learn that Army Sergeant Jerry isn’t doing well on a steady diet of baked beans. Who would? Jerry appears to be fighting a losing battle with the legume throughout the episode and by the time his tribe loses both the reward and immunity challenges, Jerry is the obvious weak link in the tribe.

The highlight of Episode III was the comical interplay between Benjamin, the 37-year-old soccer coach who simply goes by the handle “Coach”, and Timbira tribe-mate Tyson, the 29-year old professional cyclist and easily the most entertaining player in the game. In a private moment, Coach (think Steven Segal meets Mr. Miyagi) appoints Tyson his “assistant coach”. Tyson takes the title, but laughs it off behind Coach’s back saying someday he hopes to get promoted to co-coach or have a team of his own.

Later in the show, Coach catches Erinn smiling with delight at the news that Jerry is weakening. This sends Coach in a tizzy and he and Tyson seem ready to send Erinn home.

Another key development in Episode III was the discovery of a hidden immunity idol by Timbira member Brendan. Once again he and Taj found themselves at Exile Island and clue #2 was more than enough to lead Brendan to the Idol…stay tuned to see how this development changes the game.

At the end of the day, Erinn survived to play another day and Jerry was sent packing and hopefully sent a bottle of Beano to help with his stomach ailments.

Looking ahead to Episode IV, look for Coach to continue to put his foot in his mouth and Brendan to start building his alliance now that an immunity idol is in play. Sandy remains the weakest link on Jalapao and while Sierra has endeared herself to her tribe-mates, Erinn still has a huge target on her back.

The Scribe has spoken…

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