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Prepping for Fear the Walking Dead


Someone up in heaven loves me. They know I’m all about zombies, ghosts, and aliens, but mostly zombies. I’ve been writing the weekly recaps of “The Walking Dead” for Biff Bam Pop! for three seasons. I’m a member of the Zombie Squad and, not only wrote articles on how to make your home zombie proof here and here, but I can safely say that I’m Biff Bam Pop’s resident zombie expert. Am I excited about the new companion series, “Fear the Walking Dead,” created and written by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson that is due to premiere on August 23rd? What do you think? Read the rest of this entry

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell S01 E03: The Education of a Magician

Mr. Norrell

When we last left the two English magicians, Mr. Norrell’s student, Jonathan Strange, was the new popular spell-caster in town. Jonathan sets off to have adventures with the army in Portugal, leaving a sulking Mr. Norrell at home.  Lady Pole is not well and is descending further into madness; her unfortunate servant, Stephen Black, is not far behind.

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Game of Thrones S05 E08: Hardhome


A breathtaking episode eight of “Game of Thrones” complete with lots of action, lots of pieces falling into place, ice zombies, and the return of ‘old blue eyes.’

...really, really old blue eyes...

…really, really old blue eyes…

Find out more after the break!

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Sleepy Hollow S02 E13: Pittura Infamante


Ichabod Crane, our colonial stud muffin, has had to deal with demons, Moloch, an ungrateful son, headless horsemen, purgatory and, on the last episode of “Sleepy Hollow,” an angel named Orion. But, tonight Ichabod will handle his most dangerous quest; a date with his wife. Can Ichabod save his marriage Maybe Abbie will have some suggestions. Let’s hope it doesn’t involve the founding fathers. Read the rest of this entry

Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Roof Oasis by Marie Gilbert


Looking for something to read this holiday season? I think we have something perfect, especially if you’re a regular reader of Biff Bam Pop!. Roof Oasis is the stunning first novel from our site’s senior writer Marie Gilbert. Check out the details after the jump.

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The Walking Dead S05 E05: Self Help


Holy Looney Tunes! I’ve always felt that Team Rick’s biggest threats were not so much the walkers, but their fellow survivors. I was right. On last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” we learn Beth’s location and that Beth is stuck between a mad doctor and bad cop, but luckily for her Carol has arrived via stretcher. Is there a cure for this apocalypse? Only Eugene knows for sure… or does he? Read the rest of this entry

The Walking Dead S05 E04: Slabtown


Bob’s dead, Glenn and Maggie have joined Sgt. Abraham’s team, Gareth and his cannibals were chopped and diced by Rick’s team, but on last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” Daryl had someone hidden in the bushes. Who is it? Where the hell is Carol and, who has Beth? Hang onto your IV tubing and follow me. Read the rest of this entry

The Walking Dead S05 E03: Four Walls and a Roof


On last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” we met with Pastor Gabriel, Church Lady Walker and her Wet and Wild zombie brigade, but we’re still left with a lot of unanswered questions, like: what’s Gabriel’s secret; is Beth alive; can Eugene really save the world, and will Gareth have another barbeque? If you go, bring dessert. Read the rest of this entry

The Walking Dead S05 E02: Strangers


Played like the second half of a Super Bowl game, last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” showed how Team Cattle royally kicked Team Butcher’s butt, and we can thank Carol aka Wonder Woman for that victory. Now if we can only have Carol dispose of ISIS. Carol could do this with one arm tied behind her back. On the run again, Team Rick needs to find supplies, but will it be worth the risk? Read the rest of this entry

The Walking Dead S05 E01: No Sanctuary

The Walking Dead Season 5 Comic Con Trailer 006

When we last met on “The Walking Dead,” Team Rick and his group were searching for sanctuary. What they got was a nightmare named Mary and Gareth. Rick and the gang are locked up in a cattle car and their combined asses are on the line; the food line that is, if the people of Terminus have their way. Who will save them? Read the rest of this entry


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