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The Walking Dead S05 E02: Strangers


Played like the second half of a Super Bowl game, last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” showed how Team Cattle royally kicked Team Butcher’s butt, and we can thank Carol aka Wonder Woman for that victory. Now if we can only have Carol dispose of ISIS. Carol could do this with one arm tied behind her back. On the run again, Team Rick needs to find supplies, but will it be worth the risk? Read the rest of this entry

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The Walking Dead S05 E01: No Sanctuary

The Walking Dead Season 5 Comic Con Trailer 006

When we last met on “The Walking Dead,” Team Rick and his group were searching for sanctuary. What they got was a nightmare named Mary and Gareth. Rick and the gang are locked up in a cattle car and their combined asses are on the line; the food line that is, if the people of Terminus have their way. Who will save them? Read the rest of this entry

31 Days of Horror 2014 – Mimesis


We’re all genre fans here. We’ve all been to a comic, movie, scifi, or horror convention and run into roleplayers and cosplayers that just take things a bit too seriously. And then there are the ones who take it too far, enough to creep us out a little. That’s who inspired Douglas Schulze’s Mimesis. Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on this bizarre and frightening revision and reenactment of Night of the Living Dead.

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31 Days Of Horror 2014 – The Battery (2013)

Confession time. The last few second of The Walking Dead have just not been doing anything for me. I find the show slow and plodding, at least the first part of the fourth seasons, which I’ve slowly been making my way through thanks to the fine folks at Anchor Bay. Here’s the thing – long before the onslaught of zombie films, I loved the genre (like so many horror fans, of course). So while I’m glad that the mainstream has caught up with the rest of us, the show is not delivering what I want, it just seems very same Ole, same old.

Unlike The Battery, a great new film, also distributed by Anchor Bay, written and directed by Jeremy Gardner and staring the director and Adam Cronheim (also a producer on the film).

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Life and Death with Archie


This past week Life with Archie #36 came out, and if you’ve been paying attention to various news outlets, and the comics press for the last few months, you know it’s the death of Archie Andrews. But that’s not the end of it, it’s not even the tip of the iceberg. We’ll get a bit of background, and learn all about life and death with Archie, after the jump.

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In The Flesh S02 E06: Season Finale


Holy West Side Story! There’s going to be a rumble in Roarton and the gangs are gearing up for one heck of a battle with Gary and the living aka Pulse-beaters acting as the Jets and Kieren and the partially deceased aka Rotters acting like the Sharks. Maxine will play the part of Officer Krupke and Amy (Emily Bevan) and Philip (Stephen Thompson) the star crossed lovers. Giving tribute to the amazing Broadway show and film and the beautiful music of Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim, let’s get started, shall we? Read the rest of this entry

In the Flesh S02 E05


Sometimes, you have to take a stand even when it’s dangerous to do so. Philip stood up for the partially deceased and became an outcast. Amy learned that Simon wasn’t into her, but Philip was. Kieren finally told us what happened on his rising, but will he fall victim to Maxine’s plans to rid the world of the partially dead? Wipe your face clean and join me at the Norfolk treatment center for my recap of this week’s “In The Flesh.” Read the rest of this entry

In The Flesh S02 E04


As a ghost investigator, I’ve always said you are what you are; alive or dead, and that goes for zombies too. Last week’s episode of “In The Flesh” enforced that theory when Freddie tried to come between Haley’s and Amir’s marriage and when Simon revealed that he was using Amy. Poor Kieren, who I’m guessing was a sweetie pie while alive, has kept his moral compass even after becoming one of the shuffling dead. Will Kieren regret joining Simon’s revolution? Will Amy keep her secretary job? Wipe off your flesh colored makeup and find out. Read the rest of this entry


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