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American Horror Story: Freak Show S04 E02: Massacres and Matinees


One of the highlights of last week’s episode of “American Horror Story: Freak Show,” other than that freaking scary clown was watching how different Bette and Dot Tattler are from each other. As twins, they share most experiences that other twins do, but conjoined; their experiences must be shared simultaneously and unwillingly and that my little lot lice, sucks. The side show performers did what was needed to protect the twins. Will there be repercussions?  Whatever you do, keep away from the clown.

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American Horror Story: Freak Show S04 E01: Monsters Among Us


I’ve survived a haunted home, an insane asylum, and a witches’ coven, and I’m still here. I love “American Horror Story.”  The scripts are deliciously wicked and the acting superb. We open up season four with a freak show and I’ve already purchased my ticket to enter the side show tent. Enter at your own risk.

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February Faves: Marie Gilbert’s Favorite Wicked Women

draft_lens17727736module148973952photo_1300451004crown-vintage-graphicIn my last post I named a few contenders for the title of King of Bad. There were many deserving candidates, but in the end only one King, The Governor (David Morrissey). We have three ladies from three different series fighting for this next title and it may turn into a big catfight so you better head for cover. Which three ladies have I chosen to battle it out for the title of Queen B? Find out after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

American Horror Story: Coven S03 E08: The Sacred Taking


So much happened on episode 7, but the biggest shocker was Queenie’s betrayal of Delphine. Not sure where she fits in at Miss Robichaux’s Academy of Screw ups, Queenie treats Delphine to some drive through food before turning her over to the revengeful Marie Laveau, the Queen of voodoo hoodoo. In one swift move, Kathy Bates is able to take our disgust of her nasty past doings and make us feel pity for her present situation, and that, my little witchypoos, is what I call great acting. Delphine’s bad to the bone but she made us care about her. Will anyone save Delphine? Find out after the jump.

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American Horror Story: Coven S03 E06: The Axeman Cometh

Misty, Zoe, Madison

Halloween at Miss Robichaux’s Academy was a big bust: what with the zombies trying to eat the candy and the students; Myrtle becoming a living Jack O’Lantern; Cordelia losing her eyesight. I hope the next holiday is a bit kinder to our little witches. One more thing, don’t let Spalding play with your toys. He’s not very careful with his dolls. I ask this every week. What’s next? Grab your broom and follow me.

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American Horror Story: Coven S03 E05: Burn, Witch. Burn!


Holy flying monkeys at a tea party! Last week’s episode had us reeling with revelations, flashbacks and much more. The Council of Witches is in town with Myrtle (Frances Conroy butting heads with Fiona. Spalding has strange hobbies and stranger playmates. Hank is a scary man and a cheat. Madison was not the runner-up for Supreme witch, but who is? Voodoo goddess Marie Laveau has received an unexpected package. What can I say? Some gifts are never meant to be opened. The war is on with Cordelia being at the right place at the wrong time. I ask this every week; what next? Grab your broom sticks and meet me after the jump.

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31 Days of Horror 2013: American Horror Story: Coven S03 E02: Boy Parts

AHS Fiona and Delphine

Grab on to your brooms my little witchy poos! Last week on American Horror, we learned that the dead don’t stay dead, and only the good die young. Will Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange) battle with the Voodoo High Priestess, Marie Laveau (Angela Basset)? Will poor Zoe get over losing Kyle? Will Madison use her telekinetic powers to get Congress to end the shutdown? Find out what’s on the curriculum for the students of Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, after the jump.

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31 Days Of Horror 2013 Presents the American Horror Story: Coven Recap – Episode One: Bitchcraft

American Horror

Hello my little zombie snacks. Although, I usually write about zombies, ghosts and vampires, when our fearless leader, Andy Burns, asked me to try my hand with FX’s American Horror Story: Coven, my reply was “Hell on a witch’s broom, yes!” I’m excited about the project especially since the very talented Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates are the stars. What are the frisky little ladies of the coven up to? Let’s find out together.
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