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Doctor Who S09 E09: Sleep No More


“You must not watch this. I’m warning you. You can never un-see it, but remember if you do watch…” With that, one of the more intriguing and unusual “Doctor Who” episodes begins. Whovian adventure meets the found footage genre, and a new monster is introduced. Meet me after the time and space jump for my thoughts on “Sleep No More!”

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Saturday At The Movies: REC 3: Genesis

The “found footage” genre of film making is getting a little long in the tooth for my liking. It seems that every other horror film that hits the silver screen is “cobbled together” from somebody’s home video. Hey, I loved the first Paranormal Activity flick, but how many of those do we actually need?

Sorry, I don’t mean to pick any of you PA fans out there, I’m just saying, you know?

Ok. So, let me ask the same question about some “found footage” films that I really do like. Fair’s fair, after all.

The Spanish films REC and REC 2 rank as two of my all-time favourite films in the horror genre. The evidence of that can be found here. I really feel that they, specifically, not only build smartly on the “food footage” genre but also build on the Zombie lore in film.

But REC 3? REC 3 was always going to be different.

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Does Daniel Radcliffe Need A Big Miracle To Enter The Chronicle Of Movie History? Biff Bam Pop’s Box Office Predictions – Weekend of February 3rd, 2012

Can Daniel Radcliffe break out of his quintessential role? Will a non-comic book super hero flick find an audience? Those are the questions at the box office this weekend. Let’s see what the answers just might be. Read the rest of this entry

Villains & Monsters Week – My Favourite Horror Villain: Ian Rogers on why he doesn’t go into the woods at night

Over the years we’ve seen all manner of movie monsters grace the silver screen. But when it comes to picking a personal favourite, I had to go with one you didn’t actually see.

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