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The Flash S01 E17: Tricksters


Many folks aren’t aware that the CW’s “The Flash” isn’t the first time the scarlet speedster has graced prime time television. There was also a 1990-91 TV series on CBS that lasted barely a season and starred John Wesley Shipp in the title role, now cast as Barry Allen wrongfully jailed father in the current series. In that series, the Flash’s most challenging foe was the Trickster, played by the manic Mark Hamill. Now Hamill returns, in the role that eventually won him fame as the Joker, in the newest episode of this series. Meet me after the super speed jump for my thoughts on “Tricksters!”

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The Walking Dead S05 E16: Conquer


On last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” we witnessed Rick’s melt down. Hell! Rick is worried that the walls won’t hold and the people won’t fight. Unfortunately, what worked on the outside might not work in Alexandria’s version of the Emerald City. Rick has strayed from the yellow brick road and his fate lies in Deanna’s hands. Is she Glenda or the Wicked Witch? The only thing we know for sure is that the flying monkeys are gathering outside that wall. Read the rest of this entry

12 Monkeys S01 E11: Shonin

12 Monkeys - Season 1

In last week’s episode of “12 Monkeys,” Ramse had been splintered to Tokyo, and now, he’s going to party like it’s 1987.  A deal is being made that will set the dominos toppling. Can Cole stop the deal with Leland? Will this time dance ever change? Read the rest of this entry

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S02 E14: Love in the Time of Hydra


When a vast espionage organization like S.H.I.E.L.D. is fragmented from within, as they were when Hydra revealed themselves in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, there can be many splinter groups. Just because the former leader Nick Fury hands you the keys and says you’re in charge, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. Poor Agent Coulson. Meet the new S.H.I.E.L.D., watch Ward and Agent 33 going steady as a bonus, and see my thoughts on “Love in the Time of Hydra” after the jump.

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Twin Peaks S01 E02: Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer


Andy Burns mentioned this episode in his book, Wrapped in Plastic: Twin Peaks. Did I mention how much I enjoyed reading the book? I did! I thought I was prepared for the bohemian characters in this series, but I was wrong. In episode 2 of “Twin Peaks,” Cooper uses a rather bizarre method for his investigation and has one hell of a dream. Grab your coffee and follow me. Read the rest of this entry

The Flash S01 E16: Rogue Time


The last episode of The Flash was the king of the cliffhangers. The Weather Wizard was about to destroy Central City with a giant freak tsunami. Barry had revealed his heroic secret identity to Iris. Cisco was dead at the hands of Dr. Harrison Wells, now exposed as Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash of the 25th century. At this moment of crisis, Barry finds himself thrown backward in time. It can only get worse as Captain Cold and Heat Wave return, with the Golden Glider in tow. Don’t miss my thoughts on “Rogue Time,” after the super speed time jump!

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The Walking Dead S05 E15: Try



Last week’s episode directed by Jennifer Lynch had Facebook and Twitter ablaze with talk about Noah’s (Tyler James Williams) death. It was gruesome for sure, but what did we expect? Ms. Lynch skillfully reminded us that walkers are nasty and humans are dangerous. Is Pete abusing his family? Will Gabe, the Rat, spew more lies? Will Deanna show her true colors when Aiden doesn’t return home? I think I need some of Carol’s cookies. Don’t you? Read the rest of this entry

12 Monkeys S01 E10: Divine Move


Betrayal by a friend, who tells you that they want to save the world, is a bitter pill to swallow. That’s what happened in last week’s episode of “12 Monkeys.” For now, Jones’ secret is safe, but for how long. The plague must be stopped, but Ramse doesn’t want Cole to succeed. Time travel is a heart breaker. Read the rest of this entry

Twin Peaks S01 E01: Traces to Nowhere


In the pilot of “Twin Peaks” we were given the facts: there was a murder, there may have been witnesses, there are several suspects and the FBI has joined the investigation. But, nothing is as it seems and there are plots within plots. Will Agent Cooper be able to solve the crime?  Let’s check in at Room 315 at Great Northern Hotel. Read the rest of this entry

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S02 E13: One of Us


All those folks who have been complaining since the beginning of the first season of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” that it wasn’t the comic book superhero show they wanted – they ought to be somewhat pleased with this week’s episode. Kyle MacLachlan returns as the super-dangerous Mister Hyde, and he has gathered a team of super-villains to take revenge on Agent Coulson and his Agents. Also, we get to meet Agent May’s ex-husband, for all this and more, and my thoughts on “One of Us,” I’ll see you on the other side.

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