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Comic-Con 2014: The Flash Premiere


Sometimes something drops into your lap, be it by legitimate means or otherwise, and you just have to run with it, run like The Flash. That’s right, we here at Biff Bam Pop! Have seen the pilot episode of CW’s “The Flash,” as have many folks, with it being leaked online recently, and shown at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend.

Meet me after the super speed jump for my spoiler-filled thoughts. And yes, that’s your only warning, from here on in, there be spoilers…

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Defiance S02 E06: This Woman’s Work


Amanda’s hooked on drugs and Stahma rules the roost, but not everyone is happy with her liberated way of thinking. Our Castithan Vixen might have bigger problems than Datak and Rafe joining forces. Nolan and Pottinger are investigating an alien ship that has crashed in the badlands. What do they find? Strap on your cold fire weapon and follow me to Defiance. Read the rest of this entry

Life and Death with Archie


This past week Life with Archie #36 came out, and if you’ve been paying attention to various news outlets, and the comics press for the last few months, you know it’s the death of Archie Andrews. But that’s not the end of it, it’s not even the tip of the iceberg. We’ll get a bit of background, and learn all about life and death with Archie, after the jump.

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The Strain S01 E02: The Box



Holy freaking parasites! The season premiere of “The Strain” introduced us to something quite large and most wicked. Will Dr. Ephraim Goodweather and his partner, Dr. Nora  Martinez locate the source of the fast moving contagion that killed most of the passengers of Flight 753? Will more people die before they do? What about the four survivors held in quarantine, what will we learn from them? And…why are the dead not staying dead? Only one man who knows, but he’s in jail. Someone is visiting Setrakian at jail? Shall we eavesdrop and find out who? Read the rest of this entry

True Blood S07 E05: Lost Cause


In the aftermath of last episode‘s final showdown with the H-vamps at Fangtasia, Eric continues his quest to destroy Sarah Newlin before meeting his own death. He releases Willa and spurns Ginger to get what he wants, but will the Yokahoma Corporation get to her before our favorite Viking? Hopefully the answer, and my thoughts on “Lost Cause,” after the jump.

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Interview with David Alpay of The Lottery


This Sunday, July 20, Lifetime debuts a daring new series about a world where mankind is slowly going extinct, because women have become infertile – it’s called “The Lottery.” In this shadowy near future world, one hundred embryos have been created, and the decision has to be made as to who will carry them, and thus the suspenseful drama begins.

Biff Bam Pop! had the opportunity to speak with one of the stars of “The Lottery,” Toronto actor David Alpay. Check out our interview with David after the jump.

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Defiance S02 E05: Putting the Damage On


Defiance can be a pretty dangerous place especially if you’re a woman. Stahma has thrown out the obnoxious Datak with the trash, but will she pay dearly for this defiant stand? Dr. Yewll has to play nice with Pottinger while keeping her loyalty to her friends. Rafe is homeless. Maybe he and Datak can be roomies. Amanda is being spied on, which is not the employee benefits she was counting on when she went to work for Pottinger, and someone is stalking her… who? Meet me at the Need/Want to find out. Read the rest of this entry

The Strain S01 E01: Night Zero


Air travel is the fastest route from point A to point B, which is on the plus side, but the negative side has passengers contending with rising costs, security checks, frequent flight cancellations and uncomfortable seats. As bad as that sounds, the poor passengers on Flight 753 unfortunately received more than their complimentary bag of peanuts. The jet has landed and the fright is just about to begin… please remain seated until we arrive at the gate for the first episode of “The Strain.” Read the rest of this entry


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