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Defiance S03 E08: My Name is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You


Holy Shaming Rack! On last week’s episode of “Defiance,” our favorite aliens were in deep Shtako. Datak is on the rack, Stahma might wish she were, Irisa flunked Amazon Goddess 101 and, Berlin has flown the coop with the king of bad shark movies. General Tak’s men have dug under the stasis net, but can Lieutenant Bebe masquerade as a human? Choose your friends wisely. Read the rest of this entry

Twin Peaks S02 E12: The Black Widow


On the last episode of “Twin Peaks,” we talked Black Lodge and my disappointment with the script. This week, I’m hoping to see some more action. The show seemed to shift onto a wrong track, like a runaway train, after Leland’s death. I’m hoping this shift is just temporary. Find out after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Defiance S03 E07: The Beauty of Our Weapons

Defiance - Season 3

The gloves are off! On last week’s episode of “Defiance,” Alak went against his parents and joined forces with Nolan. Datak is in jail and a badly injured Stahma has asked for sanctuary from the Omecs. The good news is that Berlin’s old boyfriend is an arms dealer, but will Nolan be able to recruit enough aliens to fight General Tak. Read the rest of this entry

Twin Peaks S02 E11: Masked Ball


On the last episode of “Twin Peaks,” Renault was itching to frame Cooper with the help of a Canadian Mountie and Hank. Major Briggs vanished in the woods and Josie is back. Maybe we can get Nadine to cheer us up in this episode. Read the rest of this entry

Prepping for Fear the Walking Dead


Someone up in heaven loves me. They know I’m all about zombies, ghosts, and aliens, but mostly zombies. I’ve been writing the weekly recaps of “The Walking Dead” for Biff Bam Pop! for three seasons. I’m a member of the Zombie Squad and, not only wrote articles on how to make your home zombie proof here and here, but I can safely say that I’m Biff Bam Pop’s resident zombie expert. Am I excited about the new companion series, “Fear the Walking Dead,” created and written by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson that is due to premiere on August 23rd? What do you think? Read the rest of this entry

Marie Gilbert Goes Au Naturel


This past June, I had the opportunity to join Cathy Young and a few teacher naturalists in Smyrna Delaware for the weekend. Cathy is the owner of  Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adventure Trips and, I not only learned a lot about frogs, fish, birds and horseshoe crabs, but I did this all with my clothing on. I’ll explain after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Defiance S03 E06: Where the Apples Fell

Defiance - Season 3

On last week’s episode of “Defiance,” we saw some very steamy alien sex and a whole bunch of teenage angst. Stahma and Nolan are in the dog house with their kids. Can Stahma talk her way out of this mess? Read the rest of this entry

Defiance S03 E05: History Rhymes


On the last episode of “Defiance,” Amanda learned that she was the bio-men’s favorite porn star and, Stahma found a new playmate. Nolan and Irisa are in trouble and Dr. Yewll will need the help of the Omecs to save them. Who will keep the ear-eating, General Tak from taking over the town? Read the rest of this entry

Twin Peaks S02 E10: Dispute Between Brothers


On the last episode of “Twin Peaks,” Leland was finally identified and charged as Laura’s killer. But, if we were following the clues given by the giant, we already knew. How could we not know when Leland’s mask was constantly slipping; allowing us to peek at BOB. This episode we have a wake to attend. Read the rest of this entry

Penny Dreadful S02 E10: And They Were Enemies


I was away, visiting family in sunny Napa California, when this episode aired. My sister doesn’t have cable, which was okay because I needed to be alone to savor the season finale and, the first thing I did after arriving home last night was to watch “Penny Dreadful.” On the last episode, all our friends faced certain death. Did the finale meet my expectations? Follow me, my little pennies, to Madame Kali’s castle to find out. Read the rest of this entry


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