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Twin Peaks S02 E17: Wounds and Scars


Hell in a basket, or as we saw on the last episode of “Twin Peaks,” hell might be located inside a piece of furniture, because that’s where Josie’s soul is trapped. With BOB back in the picture, Cooper has two enemies to deal with. I hope Pete is good at chess because Windom Earle is about to make his next move. Read the rest of this entry

Fear the Walking Dead S01 E01: Pilot


When Rick Grimes from the Robert Kirkman‘s comic book series and the AMC television series “The Walking Dead” awoke from his coma, the proverbial dog doo had already hit the fan and, for five seasons, we loyal fans watched as Rick, his family and friends struggled to survive walkers and nasty people. Now, with “Fear the Walking Dead,” we get to see how it began. If our government officials can’t even agree on how to handle a case of Ebola, how will they handle the apocalypse? Welcome to episode one. Read the rest of this entry

Defiance S03 E12: The Awakening


Holy Shtako, my little Votans! On last week’s episode of “Defiance,” we watched Kindzi kill her father and then eat his heart. Makes one wonder how the Omecs celebrate other family gatherings. While Kindzi sends down her crew of purple people eaters, Dr. Yewll is working on the entrée.  More after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Twin Peaks S02 E16: The Condemned Woman

Pete & Andrew

If I’d known that the game of chess was so freaking deadly, I would have played it sooner. The battle is on between our little boy scout Cooper and Windom Earle. On the last episode of “Twin Peaks,” the plaster cast of Caroline Earle and a recording confirms the evilness of Cooper’s adversary. Make your move Coop or someone else will die. Read the rest of this entry

Defiance S03 E11: Of A Demon in My View

Defiance - Season 3

On the last episode of “Defiance,” Nolan sabotaged the peace treaty, but we can’t really blame him. He has alien arktech stuck in his head. While Kindzi got the upper hand on T’evgin, Nolan and Irisa are on a caravan to Brazil as prisoners of the Votanis Collective. They need a miracle. Read the rest of this entry

Twin Peaks S02 E15: Slaves and Masters


Who shot Cooper? I’d always assumed it was Leland, but maybe it wasn’t. Cooper comes with baggage and that’s just how I like my heroes. On last week’s episode of “Twin Peaks,” we talked about weenies, Cooper’s connection to Windom Earle, and General Horne’s rewrite of history. This week, it’s Cooper’s turn on the chess board. Read the rest of this entry

Saving Solanda – The New Novel from Marie Gilbert


You see the work of Marie Gilbert here at Biff Bam Pop! every week. Our Steampunk Granny, zombie expert, and senior writer regularly reviews the cool stuff here, episode by episode recaps of “The Walking Dead,” “Defiance,” “Orphan Black,” among others, and soon “Fear the Walking Dead.” Her interviews and ghost investigations are always top notch. Marie rocks, and we love her, but now we have an extra special reason to be proud of her – she’s not just a published author, but this past week she has released her second novel, the next in the Roof Oasis series. Meet me after the jump and I’ll tell you all about Saving Solanda.

Read the rest of this entry

Defiance S03 E10: When Twilight Dims the Sky Above


The introduction of the Omecs and General Tak to the cast of “Defiance” in season three was brilliant. Our heroes are only as interesting as their adversaries make them. Lee Tergesen’s ear eating, head spiking, General Rahm Tak brought some great old fashion fun to the series. But, it was the Defiance ladies who stole the show on last week’s episode. Amanda is made an offer by the Votanis Collective, but she’ll need Stahma’s help. Read the rest of this entry

A Canadian Visits His New Jersey Posse and Meets a Ghost


This past May, Andy Burns, editor-in-chief of this site, Biff Bam Pop!, decided to spend time with his New Jersey posse. I’m pretty sure his staff in South Jersey pretty much outnumbers the Canadian staff, but we won’t do a head count, right now. Glenn Walker, senior editor of the site, and all around best friend, took care of the day-to-day agenda for what Andy wanted to do. I asked Andy if he wanted to take a tour of nearby Philadelphia and he did. He had a list: Liberty Bell, the Rocky statue at the Art Museum, comic book stores and, most importantly, he wanted to go on a ghost investigation. Did Andy see ghosts? Grab your ELF Meter and follow me. Read the rest of this entry

Twin Peaks S02 E14: Double Play


Curse you, Andy Burns! Because of your book, Wrapped in Plastic: Twin Peaks, I’m hooked on this series. I arrived twenty-five years too late for the party, but I’m watching with eyes wide open. On the last episode of “Twin Peaks,” Windom Earle left the ultimate checkmate for Cooper. Renault is dead and Leo is awake… sort of. Will we ever learn the history between Windom and Cooper? Read the rest of this entry


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