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You Can Hear John Carpenter’s LOST THEMES: Now Streaming on NPR


One of the most anticipated releases among genre fans (including this kid of the 80s here) is LOST THEMES, the long-awaited musical project from “the master of horror”, John Carpenter. In essence, it’s a collection of music for movies that don’t exist, a bold experiment for Carpenter, but one he was excited to take on.

Lost Themes was all about having fun… It can be both great and bad to score over images, which is what I’m used to. Here there were no pressures. No actors asking me what they’re supposed to do. No crew waiting. No cutting room to go to. No release pending. It’s just fun. And I couldn’t have a better set-up at my house, where I depended on (collaborators) Cody (Carpenter, of the band Ludrium) and Daniel (Davies, who wrote the songs for I, Frankenstein) to bring me ideas as we began improvising. The plan was to make my music more complete and fuller, because we had unlimited tracks. I wasn’t dealing with just analogue anymore. It’s a brand new world. And there was nothing in any of our heads when we started other than to make it moody.

The album releases next week (February 3rd) through Sacred Bones Records, as well as digitally via iTunes and other networks. If you’re the kind who likes to try before they buy, though, NPR is streaming the album in its entirety right here.

For anyone who grew up on Carpenter’s films in the 80s ( as well as his soundtracks ), this is a certified blind-buy.

In the Belly of the Beast: The Films of Alex de la Iglesia

The great filmmakers are often celebrated for their extraordinary control: the exacting science of Hitchcock’s suspense, the omnipresent symmetry of Kubrick’s vision, the dour Wagnerian pomp of Christopher Nolan. But there’s a lot to be said for id, too. The chaotic subconscious mind is its own glorious school, a place for the likes of Peter Jackson, Sam Raimi and David Lynch to stretch out and just, you know, get really fucking crazy. With Spain’s Alex de la Iglesia, add one more to that subversive list. TIFF is running a retrospective of de la Iglesia’s films from January 30th to March 28th, and amid all the batshit bonkers onscreen are some really indelible moments of brilliance. From the apocalyptic satanic horror of The Day of the Beast (1995) to the jet-black comedy of A Ferpect Crime (2004), de la Iglesia isn’t for everyone, but if putting the words wild satirical dark guignol together gets you salivating like Pavlov’s dog on a leash, you’re gonna wanna dive into this head-first.

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Sleepy Hollow S02 E14: Kali Yuga


Possessed portraits, serial killers and dating 101 were the topics on last week’s episode of “Sleepy Hollow.” Poor Ichabod, he’ll need to put more fizz into his romancing techniques if he’s going to win Katrina away from the very passionate and dashing Abraham. We’ve learned the backstory of all the characters, except one. What’s Nick’s worst nightmare. Meet Nick’s childhood caretaker.

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American Horror Story: Freak Show S04 E13: Curtain Call


Last week’s episode Of “American Horror Story: Freak Show” had us all reeling with plot twists full of revenge and lunacy. It was almost like watching Congress at work. What the freaks finally did to Stanley was a brilliant tribute to Tod Browning and his film, but I never expected Maggie to die. Elsa’s on the way to Hollywood, Chester’s in jail and Dandy’s the new owner. It’s the last performance of the season and the show must go on. Your ticket for tonight comes with a warning, “He who enters is doomed.” Read the rest of this entry

Sleepy Hollow S02 E13: Pittura Infamante


Ichabod Crane, our colonial stud muffin, has had to deal with demons, Moloch, an ungrateful son, headless horsemen, purgatory and, on the last episode of “Sleepy Hollow,” an angel named Orion. But, tonight Ichabod will handle his most dangerous quest; a date with his wife. Can Ichabod save his marriage Maybe Abbie will have some suggestions. Let’s hope it doesn’t involve the founding fathers. Read the rest of this entry

American Horror Story: Freak Show S04 E12: Show Stoppers


Holy Split Personalities! Dandy thinks he’s the reincarnation of Twisty and Chester thinks his dummy is alive, but I think last week’s episode of “American Horror Story: Freak Show” should have been called, “Another One Bites the Dust.” Elsa was packing for Hollywood, but she was also ‘packing’ as in gun; as in goodbye Dell. Will Marjorie convince Chester to use the twins in his act? Will Dandy stop him? Does anyone know where Jimmy is? Enter the sideshow tent to find out… if you dare. Read the rest of this entry

American Horror Story: Freak Show S04 E11: Magical Thinking


Holy Body Parts! The last episode of “American Horror Story: Freak Show” was a shocker. If Stanley keeps adding to his specimen collection at the museum, we’re going to run out of freaks for the sideshow. Elsa is packing for Hollywood, and we meet Chester the new owner/ magician of the wackiest sideshow in town. Take a ticket and step inside. Your life is up for grabs. Read the rest of this entry

Sleepy Hollow S02 E12: Paradise Lost


Holy John Milton! On the last episode of “Sleepy Hollow,” Team Ichabod fought a war on two fronts, one with demons and another with a wayward wife. Henry went biblical on both his human and demon fathers, giving Moloch a big sendoff. Now that the apocalypse has been put on hold, is Ichabod out of a job? Is Captain Irving really dead? Is Katrina hot for Headless? We may need to ask a winged messenger. Don’t you think? Read the rest of this entry

Loretta Sisco On… My Bloody Valentine (1981)


Each week, one of Biff Bam Pop’s illustrious writers will delve into one of their favorite things. Perhaps it’s a movie or album they’ve carried with them for years. Maybe it’s something new that moved them and they think might move you too. Each week, a new subject, a new voice writing on… something they love.

This week BBP contributor Loretta Sisco takes on one of her favorite horror films, My Bloody Valentine.  Check it out after the jump.

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