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Your Reality Is Under NEW MGMT #1 On The Wednesday Run

New MGMT 1 coverFor the past three years, Matt Kindt’s MIND MGMT, published by Dark Horse Comics, has been enthralling readers who love the speculative, sci-fi spy genre.

At once, it’s been as fascinating as any Philip K. Dick narrative, as engaging as any John Le Carre novel, and as exciting as the best Wachowski films.

Today, MIND MGMT, after 35 monthly issues, comes to an end. Prepare for the astonishing conclusion in the one-shot issue, aptly titled, NEW MGMT #1.

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Get Hit With A Heavy Dose Of Mythology With WONDER WOMAN BY GEORGE PEREZ OMNIBUS VOL. 1 On The Wednesday Run

WW OMNIFor whatever reason, Wonder Woman, one of the most well known characters in comics, has been short-changed.

In terms of name recognition, globally she falls only behind Superman, Batman and probably Spider-Man. But I terms of comic book stories, well, there just aren’t that many that can ben deemed “classic” for the art form. And there are a myriad of reasons for that, which this column won’t get into.

For all the marketing behind collections of The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told or The Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told or even The Greatest Joker Stores Ever Told, Wonder Woman doesn’t come close. But the late 1980’s had, for a time, arguable put stories about the Amazon Princess right up with any comic book legend.

Lucky us, here they are collected, under the pen of one of the greatest artists of the medium. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Wonder Woman By George Perez Omnibus Volume 1.

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The GAR! Podcast: Fantastic Four!


Biff Bam Pop! presents The GAR! Podcast, the Glenn Walker and Ray Cornwall weekly podcast where they talk unrehearsed about whatever happens to come to mind. It’s an audio-zine for your mind, a nerd exploration of a nerd world, coming to you from across the vastness of suburban New Jersey via Skype. This week, we’re talking about the new Fantastic Four movie, isn’t that enough? See and hear more after the jump.

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More Than Skin Deep Is THE BEAUTY #1 On The Wednesday Run

The Beauty 1 coverOver the last few days, a segment of comedian and political commentator John Oliver’s television show Last Week Tonight has been making the social media rounds.

If you didn’t catch it on air, or on Facebook or Twitter, you can watch it here, as it brilliantly ridicules the absurdity of the wide varietal, and often lacking, sexual education curriculum between school districts in the United States.

And that brings us to this week’s comic book pick, which just happens to fall within the science fiction genre. Because, let’s face it: what’s better than mixing sex with science fiction?

Follow me after the jump to get the skinny on the first issue of The Beauty.

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Interview: Artist Matthew Therrien discusses his new horror comic anthology, The Gates of Misery

I’m a big man of anthology comics like Creepy and Eerie, and I grew up loving the late 80s/early 90s Tales From The Crypt tv show (not to mention the Twilight Zone, as well). It can be a lot of fun watching writers, actors and artists play around in short form storytelling. It means the creators have to deliver and deliver well in a relative short space. It can be tough, and I speak from experience, as one of the contributors to Biff Bam Pop’s digital comic series, Biff Bam Boo.

Artist Matthew Therrien also knows of the trials, tribulations and ultimate success of putting together a horror anthology. That work that began with a successful Kickstarter campaign with some incredible collaborators has finally led to the publication of the first issue of Gates of Misery. Working with a variety of names familiar to horror fans, Therrien’s ambition has delivered and then some.

Over email, we discussed the genesis of Gates of Misery, how Brandon Cronenberg, Steve Kostanski, Jon Knautz, and Dave Alexander wound up contributing, the crowdfunding experience and much more.

Gates Page 1

Andy Burns: Congrats on the Gates of Misery! I love horror anthologies and I thought you did a solid job with the first issue. Where did the inspiration come from to make this happen?

Matthew Therrien: Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the first issue. Just like you, I’ve always shared a love of anthologies; in particular, horror shorts. They’re just a great way to feature a variety of different styles and stories, and keep the whole thing within a manageable and easily-enjoyed length. The tough part is finding a way to make them all somewhat cohesive and feel that they belong together. I’ve always had a love of cemeteries, and one day the idea just sort of struck me: what if I create a universe in which the cemetery itself has a sort of consciousness, and learns about the person’s life when they’re buried within it. After that, the Mount Misery Cemetery was born. It allowed writers to tell whatever tale they wanted, provided that one of their characters died by the end and found themselves in their final resting place at Mount Misery. At this point the character of the cemetery is still developing, so I couldn’t tell you exactly why, but the Mount Misery Cemetery seems to derive some sort of joy in recounting the particularly tragic and gruesome deaths of those bodies that inhabit its grounds.

As far as the writers, I thought it would be absolutely fantastic if the majority of those involved were filmmakers, many of whom had never written for comics before. This would be a new way of storytelling, and would provide them with a chance to create whatever tale they desired with no budgetary restrictions at all (the great benefit of telling stories with comics instead of on film). Read the rest of this entry

Worship Music, Comics & The Devil With THIS DAMNED BAND #1 On The Wednesday Run

This Damned Band 1 coverRemember the story of the guitar player who met the devil at the crossroads and sold his soul for guitar-picking fame and fortune?

Did you ever slowly spin your classic rock vinyl LP’s backwards on your records player so you can hear the hidden Satan-worshipping messages left by the band?

It’s all kind of ridiculously funny, isn’t it?

We hear at Biff Bam Pop! love classic rock.

And we love horror.

And comedy.

And that’s why you need to be reading This Damned Band #1, out today! More info after the jump!

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Ensley F. Guffey On… War Comics

Cover of Blazing Combat #3, art by Frank Frazetta

Cover of Blazing Combat #3, art by Frank Frazetta

Each week, one of Biff Bam Pop’s illustrious writers will delve into one of their favorite things.  Perhaps it’s a movie or album they’ve carried with them for years.  Maybe it’s something new that moved them and they think might move you too.  Each week, a new subject, a new voice writing on… something they love.

This week we once again have the pleasure of having Ensley F. Guffey share his love of War Comics, but this time focusing on the Blazing Combat series…

Hello and welcome to another installment of “Ensley F. Guffey on War Comics.” Last time, I used this space to gush about one of my favorite British contributions to the genre, but today I’ll be hopping back across the pond to examine a series that regularly places in the top five of every “Best War Comics” list I’ve ever seen: Blazing Combat. Unlike the other books I’ve written about here, Blazing Combat didn’t come into my life until I was an adult, and beginning to seriously study the genre, but when I discovered it, but it was worth the wait.

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The Kids Will Love GUARDIANS TEAM-UP #8 On The Wednesday Run

Guardians Team Up 8Look, if you’re over thirty (oh hell, if you’re over forty!) years of age, and you were a comic book reader as a kid, you’ll remember the old Marvel What If and Team-Up comic book titles. Boy, they were fun!

DC had them too. Remember The Brave and the Bold and DC Comics Presents? They were great!

Sometime during the 1980’s, those kinds of comic books fell out of favour with their publishers, and, it must be said, their fans. I won’t dwell on the why’s in this particular column. Sure, comics like that were still being published, but not to the same degree and certainly not to the fanfare of those earlier decades. Maybe it had something to do with comic books stories becoming more “realistic”. Maybe it had something to do with the end of the “one and done” single issue stories. Maybe it had something to do with the comic book audience growing up and getting old.

In any case, there’s been a particularly fun team-up comic book being published for eight months now and it’s high time you, or your young son or daughter, turned an excited eye towards it.

I’m talking, of course, about issue #8 of the Guardians Team-Up monthly comic book series!

Follow me after the jump for a modern take on our love of nostalgia!

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Go Dark, Go Detective With Two BATMAN Titles Today On The Wednesday Run

Batman-GothicIt’s a pretty exciting day if you’re a late 1980’s Batman fan.

At that time, there were some great runs on everyone’s favourite superhero and his monthly comic book titles such as Batman, Detective Comics, and the newly released, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight.

In fact, two specific runs stand out: one by an acclaimed writer (who happened to be aided by an acclaimed artist) and one by an adored artist who brought a sense of visual storytelling to monthly Batman stories that hadn’t been seen before.

If you didn’t get a chance to experience Batman at that time (or if you’d like to re-experience those stories in a new format), follow ne after the jump for the lowdown on some high-flying, but dark, heroics!

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Glenn Walker On… the Legion of Super-Heroes


Each week, one of Biff Bam Pop’s illustrious writers will delve into one of their favorite things. Perhaps it’s a movie or album they’ve carried with them for years. Maybe it’s something new that moved them and they think might move you too. Each week, a new subject, a new voice writing on… something they love.

It’s been a year or so since this superhero team has had their own title in the DC Comics Universe, but perhaps soon that will change. The Legion of Super-Heroes began as a one-off, a silly concept in a Superboy story, then grew into one of the most enduring continuities in the DCU, almost an entire universe unto itself. Meet me after the jump when I’ll talk about my love of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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