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Preview: Marvel has Civil War II + Captain America for FCBD


The biggest heroes, the biggest creators and the biggest stories in comics are coming to FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! But before that exciting Saturday in May, get your first look at the covers to both of Marvel’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY offerings right now!

First, FCBD CIVIL WAR II #1 peels back the curtain of the biggest event of 2016. Be there for the opening shots of CIVIL WAR II as Brian Michael Bendis and Jim Cheung give you the first taste of the conflict that will ignite the Marvel Universe later this year! Plus, this issue also features the highly anticipated debut of the All-New Wasp! Be there as she makes her debut, courtesy of All-New, All-Different Avengers writer Mark Waid and legendary artist Alan Davis! But is this mysterious character friend or foe?

Then, FCBD CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 brings you the titanic return of Steve Rogers as Captain America! Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz bring you one of Steve’s first adventures since his dramatic return in the pages of AVENGERS: STANDOFF. Just in time for their new series Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 later that month! Then, go deeper into DEAD NO MORE, a top secret storyline coming later in 2016! If you got the chance to bring someone back, would you?

There’s no better time to jump into the Marvel Universe than Free Comic Book Day. Don’t miss out on these 4 can’t miss stories, available at participating comic shops nationwide on May 7th!

Coming Free Comic Book Day!

Coming Free Comic Book Day!


Action Is Your Reward With SPIDER-MAN #1 On The Wednesday Run

Spider-Man #1 coverIt’s not like Miles Morales, the star of today’s Spider-Man #1, is new, per se. The character, as the masked Spider-Man, has been around for five years now.

But he’s still the new kid on the block.

He’s still learning that the city, the world, the universe – is a big, big place.

He’s still learning that he doesn’t entirely fit in.

And he’s still learning that with great power comes great responsibility.

Follow me after the jump as I sling the web of reasons detailing why you need to be reading Spider-Man #1!

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BLACK WIDOW #1 Reunites Eisner Award Winners Waid & Samnee in March!


One of the best and critically acclaimed comics of recent years was Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s Daredevil. The series rocked a Silver Age feel while not denying previous (and complex) continuity that came before. Now these creators bring their vibe and spin to Daredevil’s swinging 1970s partner, the Black Widow. Meet us after the jump for your new look inside the first issue of BLACK WIDOW!

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SPIDER-MAN #1 Swings Into Comic Shops This Wednesday!


Direct from Marvel, Miles Morales in the Marvel U!

This Wednesday, Miles Morales comes to the Marvel Universe, and he’s here to stay! But before SPIDER-MAN #1 comes to comic shops everywhere and digital devices, Marvel is pleased to present your new look inside the highly anticipated first issue! Strap in as Miles Morales co-creators Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli present the next chapter in the young hero’s life!

“Writing Spider-Man is truly a responsibility. It’s not just a gig,” says writer Brian Michael Bendis, speaking with Entertainment Weekly. “It is something that profoundly affects people. One of the great joys of my life on levels I never thought would happen are people’s responses to this book and to this character.”

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The details are coming in on the big Marvel Comics crossover event featuring the Avengers this spring – AVENGERS STANDOFF: ASSAULT ON PLEASANT HILL ALPHA – and it’s a lot bigger and more exciting than we thought. More details and a special sneak preview are after the jump, check it out!

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S01 E01/02: Pilot


A superhero mash-up is how its creators are describing it. “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” has been building throughout the last seasons of both “Arrow” and “The Flash,” and is finally here. Time Master Rip Hunter brings together heroes and villains from the far corners of the DC TV Universe – Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Firestorm, White Canary, Captain Cold and Heat Wave, and the Atom – to fight the forces of the evil immortal Vandal Savage throughout time. Meet me after the jump for my thoughts on the two-part pilot for the much-anticipated “Legends of Tomorrow.”

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New from AfterShock Comics in April 2016


Launched in April 2015, AfterShock Comics is a comic book company that combines the creative edge of an independent comic book publisher with the strengths and experience of a traditional powerhouse. Meet us after the jump for a sneak peek at some of the titles coming your way on their first anniversary in April 2016.

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Biff Bam Pop Exclusive: Jeff Lemire talks Old Man Logan


Today (Wednesday, January 27th) sees the publication of Old Man Logan #1, written by Toronto native Jeff Lemire, who picks up the reigns of this alternate universe Wolverine from Mark Millar and Brian Michael Bendis. Unsurprisingly, this title topped JP Fallavollita’s Wednesday Run, so check that our here to get more details on the series. As to what you can expect, find out right now, in our exclusive interview with Jeff Lemire!

Andy Burns: Thanks for talking to Biff Bam Pop once again, Jeff! Mark Millar, Brian Michael Bendis, and now you, taking on the character of Old Man Logan. Any intimidation in directing the way of this character based one who and what came before?

Jeff Lemire: Well, I wasn’t intimidated until you mention those two guys. Big shoes. But honestly, no, I’m not really intimidated. I feel so comfortable working with Andrea Sorrentino, since our run on Green Arrow, that I feel very confident we are going to do something special. If I didn’t think I had a strong take on the character, I wouldn’t have accepted the gig. Logan is the kind of character I love, and by that I mean he’s Canadian. So what can go wrong?

And, in truth, the entire idea of bringing Old Man Logan to the present day Marvel Universe provides me with all sorts of new directions and story potential, so I don’t feel any fear of retreading what’s already been done, either with Old Man Logan or with Wolverine stories in general.


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Righting Future Wrongs In OLD MAN LOGAN #1 On The Wednesday Run

Old Man Logan 1 coverThe great thing about time travel, else-world stories, is that there are no rules. Anything can happen – and everything old is new again.

You take a character that’s been around forever, a character that everyone knows inside and out, and you put ‘em in a new setting, in a new time, under new circumstance and maybe, just maybe, you‘re able to squeeze something new and fresh and wonderful out of ‘em.

That’s the way to do it with these superheroes that have been around for longer than you and I, bub!

Now, let’s turn to everyone’s favourite berserker, the Wolverine in the pages of his new monthly series, Old Man Logan #1, out today!

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Satan’s Hollow: An All New Terrifying Tale From Zenescope Entertainment!


When I was a co-host of The All Things Fun! New Comics Vidcast, we talked about Zenescope Entertainment and their unique and fantastic line of comics often. I’m happy to announce a new series from Zenescope coming soon – Satan’s Hollow. Meet me after the jump for more details.

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