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No Escape had no audience this weekend at the box office

It was indeed a fairly lacklustre weekend at the box office, as predicted, so let’s get right into it. Here’s what went down:

boxStraight Outta Compton managed to hold on to the top spot at the box office for the third weekend in a row, bringing in an estimated $13.2 million. The saga of NWA has managed to gross $134.1 million in just three weeks, and is inarguably the final big hit of the summer box office season.

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There looks to be No Escape from a boring weekend at the box office

Well, it’s the dog days of sum…hold on, didn’t we do this already? Really, there’s no clever way of talking about the final weekend of August. There are few new releases, none of which have any sort of buzz going for them. Will any wind up in the top spot? Here’s our prediction:

NoEscapeOwen Wilson. you are not a leading man in an action film material. That means, I don’t anticipate anyone going to see No Escape this weekend. Trailers have been uninspiring, and turnout is going to be the same. Look for a fifth place debut with $6 million.

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Straight Outta Compton Rules: Biff Bam Pop’s Weekend Box Office Wrap-Up Report


Our Box Office Predictions from a few days back suggested a fairly quiet weekend for the end of the summer and the close of August. Still there was competition for the top spot. Would Sinister 2 or American Ultra be able to topple previous weeks’ frontrunners Straight Outta Compton and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation? Meet me after the jump for the numbers!

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Sinister 2 vs Straight Outta Compton this weekend at the box office

The last few weeks of August are usually pretty quiet at the box office. The biggest films have already been released, while smaller, less mass appeal ones slowly start to squeak through. This weekend is no different. Which flick will come out on top? Here are our predictions:

SINISTER2_OneSheetSinister 2 is the sequel to the 2012 film that starred Ethan Hawke and that was directed by Scott Derrickson, soon to helm Marvel’s Doctor Strange. The original made $77 million on a $3 million budget, so the inevitable sequel makes complete sense. However, neither director Derrickson or Hawke are returning for this instalment (though the former does have a co-writing credit). Three years is a long time in between horror sequels, and I’m skeptical as to whether audiences will flock to this one. Look for a second place showing with $18 million.

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Straight Outta Compton goes straight to number one

A huge opening for one of this week’s two debuts, while another one just couldn’t find itself an audience. Here’s what went down:

imageStaight Outta Compton, the critically acclaimed biopic about the hugely influential hip-hop group NWA managed to debut with an outstanding $59 million in the early box office estimates. The film definitely had crossover appeal, which combined with solid reviews, help make it this weekend’s must-seee. Whether or not it will have legs is the next question, but as we hit the dog days of summer, I anticipate Straight Outta Compton should have a decent run over the next few weeks.  Read the rest of this entry

Will Straight Outta Compton go straight to number one?

This weekend sees the release of two radically different films, courting two radically different audiences. Which one will come out on top? Here’s our prediction:


Straight Outta Compton is the true life story of NWA, one of the most notorious and influential bands in the history of hip-hop. In that regard, this film is to rap what a film about Led Zeppelin would be to rock. Awareness is high (has anyone seen any Straight Outta Compton memes lately?) and critics have been giving the film top marks. Considering the band’s legacy and crossover appeal, look for Straight Outta Compton to be one of the biggest bio-picks of all time. It should easily hit the number one position with $60 million.

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Misison: Impossible Rogue Nation cruises to a second week on top

One of the most well reviewed films of the summer continued to bring in audiences this weekend, while arguablly the worst reviewed film of the season managed tto severely underperform, even with lowered expectations. The early estimates are in, and here’s what went down:

mission-impossible-rogue-nation-motorcycle-explosion_1920.0-e1433808025568Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation held on to the top spot at the box office for the second weekend in a row, bringing in an estimate $28 million to raise its total to $107 million. It had an audience drop off of just 50%, which is strong for a summer blockbuster action film. While it may not make it past the $200 million mark in North America like prevous instalments in the franchise, it’s worth noting that the last film, Ghost Protocol was released in December 2011, when competition was less fierce. If the film can get to the upper reaches of the $100 millions, it should be considered a significant success.  Read the rest of this entry

Can Fantastic Four clobber the bad buzz to be a hit?

It’s a big weekend for fanboys, fangirls and naysayers galore, as one of the most buzzed about, controversial films of the summer hits theatres. Will it be a bomb or will it battle back against all odds? Here’s our prediction:

fantastic-four-banner-146299Fantastic Four is the 2015 reboot by Fox of the Marvel franchise the studio arguably bungled back in 2005 with a lacklustre take on the franchise. This new version stars a younger cast, with a script co-written by Fox’s Marvel mastermind Simon Kinberg and directed by Josh Trank, who made a serious name for himself with his 2012 film, Chronicle. Unfortunately, since Trank came on board, the movie has been riddled with controversy. Some of it was ridiculous, such as the casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm (the Johnny of the comics is a white male, Jordan is a black male), while some of it was more alarming, such as the talk of reshoots, studio interference and Trank going slightly off the deep end while filming. While this is the stuff of rumour, the fact that this has made it out into the geek film public, doesn’t instil confidence. However, is this enough to keep a mass audience away? No, not likely. But the absolutely horrible reviews the film is garnering could do the trick. Fantastic Four currently sits with an abysmal 10% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes. You can hardly get any worse, especially for a big budget flick, and I believe audiences are going to respond in kind. Look for a first place showing with $35 million.

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Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation soars to the top of the box office

The early weekend numbers are in and, as expected, it wasn’t an impossible mission for Tom Cruise to scale some impressive heights at the box office this weekend. Here’s what went down:

imageMission: Impossible Rogue Nation had the second best opening ever for a Mission: Impossible film, debuting in first place with an estimated $55 million, just $2 million shy of M:I2 ‘s $57 million debut. Critics and audiences have both given the movie high marks, and Cruise is already talking about getting to work on a sixth film in a franchise that shows no signs of slowing down. Read the rest of this entry

Will Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation top the box office?

You missions, if you choose to accept it, is help determine what film will rule the box office this weekend. Here’s our prediction as to which film will come out on top:


Love him or hate him, and I think more people do the former, Tom Cruise always does well at the box office when he steps into the role of Ethan Hunt in the Mission: Impossible series. The trailers for the fifth installment, Rogue Nation, have been stellar and stunning, and I think audiences are genuinely excited to see this film. Cruise has been all over the media promoting the film, and I believe that should pay off with a strong debut at the box office. Look for a first place showing with $60 million.

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