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Saturday At The Movies: The Hidden Horror Gem Edition: Equinox


Friends, if I told you to name the title of a movie based on the following plot description, what movie would you guess?

Plot: A group of teenagers spend a weekend in the wilderness and unwittingly release a plethora of stop-motion monsters after discovering an ancient text.

Your answer would likely be EVIL DEAD. Not the wrong answer, per se, but what if I told you I was thinking of a different film?

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Saturday At The Movies Presents Lucas Mangum’s Hidden Horror Gems: Satan’s Little Helper

In the spirit of of the upcoming holidays (and since Editor Andy Burns was late getting this piece up – Andy), it’s all too appropriate to highlight Jeff Lieberman’s black comedy/horror film for this edition of Lucas Mangum’s Hidden Horror Gems. In this film an imaginative but painfully naive little boy becomes the pawn of a masked serial killer on Halloween night.

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31 Days Of Horror 2013: Curse of Chucky Reviewed


Eight years after the bizarre and somewhat tired Seed of Chucky, creator Don Mancini delivers the sixth entry in the Child’s Play franchise. The film picks up in the present day and seems to ignore the last two entries (more on that later). The Chucky doll arrives at the house where the paraplegic Nica (played by Fiona Dourif) lives with her mother Sarah. Sarah’s death at the hands of Chucky is seemingly a suicide and the rest of Nica’s family shows up to make funeral arrangements. What follows is Chucky’s signature brand of chaos, as well as a deepening backstory.
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Saturday At The Moves – The Lucas Mangum’s Hidden Horror Gems Edition: Santa Sangre


Those familiar with Alejandro Jodorowsky’s work know that it’s pretty much impossible to categorize. His work is filled with imagery that is haunting, surreal, beautiful, and funny (often at the same time). The closest thing to a horror film he ever did was this gruesome gem about a boy and his mother and the murder of jealous women.

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Lucas Mangum’s Hidden Horror Gems: Absentia


Absentia is a 2011 horror film written and directed by Mike Flanagan. The story concerns the pregnant Tricia whose husband Daniel has been missing for seven years. Her recovering addict sister, Callie, comes to support her as she prepares to declare him “dead in absentia. Callie’s fascination with a nearby tunnel prompts the unraveling of the mystery behind Daniel’s disappearance and how it ties into a long series of missing persons cases in the country and throughout history. More after the jump.

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Lucas Mangum’s Hidden Horror Gems: The Borrower (1991)

Look at that beautiful artwork!

Look at that beautiful artwork!

You’ve got to hand it to John McNaughton for following up his bleak, nihilistic (but brilliant!) crime thriller, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, with this bizarre, quirky sci-fi horror outing. The film is about a criminal alien sentenced to a be devolved into a human being and set loose on “savage planet Earth,” for his crimes. There’s just one problem, his head keeps exploding and he needs to borrow another one. This makes for some truly over-the-top shenanigans. Standing in his way is tough city cop (Rae Dawn Chong) whose beliefs in reality are challenged when headless bodies pile up and witness all give similar accounts of a strange alien creature.
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Lucas Mangum Interviews Joseph A. Gervasi, curator of Loud! Fast! Philly!

L to R: Joseph A Gervasi, Adam Goren of Atom and His Package, Bull Gervasi; Photo by Karen Kirchhoff

L to R: Joseph A Gervasi, Adam Goren of Atom and His Package, Bull Gervasi; Photo by Karen Kirchhoff

I am thrilled to have Joseph A. Gervasi as a guest today here at Biff Bam Pop! Joseph is one fourth of Exhumed Films and the curator of the project, Loud! Fast! Philly!, a video history that examines the world of Philadelphia Hardcore Punk. He was nice enough to stop by and talk a little bit about that aforementioned project, the rich culture of Hardcore, and what makes Philly’s scene unique.

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Lucas Mangum’s Hidden Horror Gems: Remote Control


While it certainly comes across more of a science fiction film than a horror film, Remote Control, from cult favorite Jeff Lieberman (Blue Sunshine, Just Before Dawn), is strange enough to blur the line between the two genres.

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